Verona – My top 5

Verona – My top 5

As a big fan of Romeo & Juliet, Verona was on my travel wishlist for a long time! And of course, I love Italy! The Italian culture, the food, the art… I’m dreaming of visiting the whole country! After Rome and Venice, I went to Verona during spring of 2018, and I loved it! Discover in this article 5 things to do in Verona.

Top 5 Verona

#1 Juliet’s house

The first must-do in the city! Lots of people say “it’s just a balcony”, but you can also visit the house. I really enjoyed the visit and I was happy to see this famous balcony.

Price: 6€ – Free with the Verona Card

Juliet's balcony

It’s not as famous as Juliet’s house, but there is also Romeo’s house! You can’t visit it, though.

#2 Arena

The arena of Verona is the 3rd biggest arena in the world, after the Coliseum of Rome and the amphitheater of Capua. You can visit the arena for the whole year, but it’s also a cultural place nowadays, with live shows and operas.

Price: 10€ – Free with the Verona Card

Arena di Verona

Arena di Verona

#3 St Peters Hill

When I travel, I always try to find the best spots to have an amazing view of the city. You will enjoy the best view of Verona from St Peters Hill. If you’re brave enough, take the stairs. If you’re tired and/or lazy (like me 🙂 ), use the funicular to go up the hill in a few seconds for just 1€. You will enjoy a beautiful view of the city, it’s worth it!


#4 Lamberti Tower

Another spot to enjoy a beautiful view is the top of the Lamberti Tower. You can take the stairs (368 steps) or pay 1€ to take the lift. I took the stairs, I swear! 🙂

Price: 8€ – Free with the Verona Card

Lamberti Tower


#5 Walk in the city

Visiting a city, it’s not only about visiting museums and attractions points. I like to walk in the city, get lost in the streets, discover beautiful areas and stop when I want. Enjoy a walk in Verona, pass by the Piazza dei Signori, Piazza dell’Erbe, cross the Scaligero Bridge, the old bridge, visit the beautiful churches…



What about food?

Visiting Italy, it’s also enjoying the delicious Italian cuisine!

I recommend you some places:

You want to go to Verona now, right? 😄

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