Traveling alone? I love it!

Traveling alone? I love it!

More and more people travel alone. A few years go, it was less common. But today, it is! And it sometimes scares some people… “You’re going to travel alone? Are you out of your mind?!”. You know what I’m talking about if you already talked about solo traveling with your family or friends. You probably heard remarks like “it’s too dangerous” or “you’ll be bored, alone”. I already traveled alone and I LOVED IT! I would do it again for sure. Why? Here are 5 reasons why I like traveling alone + some tips.

advantages traveling alone

#1 You don’t have to wait for anybody to plan your trip

Did you ever try to plan a trip with your friends? It could be a hassle! You need to find a date that suits everyone, you have to respect the budget of everyone, to find the right destination… Good luck! But if you decide to travel alone, that’s way easier! You don’t have to wait for anybody, you don’t need to take in consideration other’s criteria… You just plan your trip according to you!

#2 You travel at your own rythm

Even if you travel with people you get along well with, there might be some disagreements during the trip. Some people will be hungry earlier, other ones later. Some people prefer to wake up early in the morning, while some other would prefer to sleep longer… If you are alone, no problem! You eat when you want, you visit what you want… You just do what YOU want to do, and man, it feels so good!

#3 You define your own budget

The budget for a trip might be a problem if you travel with other people. Maybe you will travel with people who want to spend a lot of money and you can’t afford it. Or maybe you want to spend money but people can’t follow you because of the budget… Being alone, you define your own budget according to your priorities and what you can afford.

#4 You meet new people

When you travel with someone, you don’t really pay attention to the others. But when you’re alone, you are more open and you care more about the things and the people around you. You will easily meet new people while traveling alone! Moreover, solo travelers are open-minded people.

#5 You learn to be independent and self confident

Take the plane alone, find an accommodation, speak a foreign language, find your way… When you are not used to travel alone, this might be scary. But you can do it! When you will travel alone, you will rely only on yourself. You’ll come back more independent and self confident!

Some tips if you travel alone:

  • Prepare your trip ahead, you will feel less stressed when you will leave
  • Sleep in youth hostels, it will allow you to meet new people easily
  • Prepare enough money, because you can’t rely on anybody but you
  • Enjoy every moment!

Did you already travel alone? Or are you planning to do so soon? Tell me in comments!


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  1. Yes! The vast majority of my travels have been by myself and I love it. Now that I’ve got a couple little ones, traveling by myself has had to take a temporary break 🙂

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