Travel wishlist 2020

Travel wishlist 2020

2020 is coming soon, it’s time for me to share my travel wishlist of the year! Some places were already in my wishlist 2019, some other are new.

Note: all the pictures in this article come from the website Pixabay

#1 Sevilla

Apparently, Sevilla is one of the most beautiful Spanish cities! That’s why I always wanted to go there. I already booked my flight! My boyfriend and I are going for a long weekend to Sevilla in February. Tapas, sangria, paella… Can’t wait!


#2 Florence

Again, Florence is in my wishlist. I wonder what I am waiting for to finally visit this city? I really have to go there in 2020!


#3 Milan

My flight tickets for Milan are also booked! I’m going in April with my brother to watch a football game. We will also take the time to explore the city.


#4 Slovenia

I can’t get this country out of my head since a few years. The landscapes look amazing and the capital seems super cool! I might book a trip for 2020, finger crossed!


#5 Cinque Terre

This place was not well known a few years ago, but now it’s super touristic! However, it looks beautiful and I would love to go there.

cinque terre

#6 Prague

Prague is also a city that is on my wishlist since a long long long time, but I never had the chance to go there. Maybe next year?


#7 Porto

I’ve been to Lisbon in March 2019 and I really liked it. But lot of people told me that Porto is even nicer! I have to judge by myself!


#8 Switzerland

I would love to visit Switzerland, but it’s quite expensive and the flight connections are not that good from Malta. And I don’t know yet if I want to go there in summer for hiking or in winter for the Christmas markets.


#9 Provence

I would LOVE to go to Provence during summer and walk in the lavender fields. It seems so beautiful! A trip to France also means eating lots of croissants, pains au chocolat and cheese!


#10 Jordan

I never thought about going to this country, but some friends went there and they told me how amazing it was. Now I really want to visit Jordan!


Let’s see at the end of 2020 which of these places I visited! Wish you all the best for this new year 🙂


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