Travel wishlist 2019

Travel wishlist 2019

New year, new travel wishlist! If you check my travel wishlist 2018, you might notice that my top 3 totally changed. Not because I visited these places in 2018, but because this year I wanted to make a list a bit more realistic 😊 I’ve been to 3 places of the previous wishlist: Verona, Sicily and Scotland. Here’s my top 10 for 2019.

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#1 Lisbon

Even if I’ve always been interested in visiting Portugal, Lisbon was not really on top of my wishlist so far. But in 2018, I heard lots of friends speaking about how amazing it is. That’s why it’s now on top of the list! Actually I already booked my flights for March 2019 🙂


#2 Slovenia

When people ask me why I would love to go to Slovenia, I tell them to make some researches on Google and then they understand. Lljublana, Bled, Vintgar… It looks amazing!


#3 Switzerland

I don’t know why I’ve never been there yet. It looks so beautiful! I would love to go in autumn, for the beautiful colors, or in winter for the Christmas atmosphere.


#4 Greece

It was already in the wishlist 2018 and I put it again this year. I would love to see Athens, Delphi, Corinthia and all the other important cities in the Greek mythology.


#5 Vienna

When I read articles about best cities in Europe, Vienna is often on the top 5, so I should definitely put it in my wishlist!


#6 Prague

I heard lots of travelers saying “Budapest is nice, but Prague is great!”. I’ve been to Budapest in 2018 and I loved it! I can’t wait to visit Prague and decide which one is my favourite.


#7 Florence

After visiting Rome, Venice and Verona (and I loved all 3), Florence is the next Italian city I really want to see, especially for art.


#8 New York

It’s not going to happen in 2019 but New York will be every year on my wishlist until I’ll go there.

New York

#9 Lapland

I love Christmas and I think this is THE best place to go for the occasion! Especially in Rovaniemi, the city of Santa Claus himself!


#10 Morocco

I’ve been there a very long time ago but I don’t remember anything. My dad is from Morocco, thus I would love to discover his country!


I wish you all the best for 2019!


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  1. Wow our travel wish lists are almost identical! I’ve heard great things about Solvenia but it’s not a super popular tourist destination. I wish you luck in achieving your dreams!

  2. Wow, Greece and Morocco are on my travel list this year. Just working on my tourist visa for Greece 🙂

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