The best cities for street art in Europe

The best cities for street art in Europe

In the past, I was not really into street art. Why? Because first, I was more into classic art that you can see in museums. Second, street art is wrongly associated to “bad” street art, like insults badly painted on the walls. How did it change? It started in Dublin.

street art


In January 2019, I was in Dublin. I already had visited the touristic places and I wanted to do something else. I watched a video of Bruno Maltor (my fav’ YouTuber!), and he visited some nice street art places in Dublin. I decided to go for a “street art walk” in the city and I loved it!

Dublin street art

After Dublin, I was really more interested in street art! Since then, I like searching for paintings on the walls every time I travel.


If you go to Lisbon, you’ll see some nice paintings a well. I espacially liked the street art at LX Factory. It’s a very cool place located in an old factory. There are restaurants, bars, shops and a lot of street art!


The Jewish quarter in Krakow, Kazimierz, is also very cool for street art. I really enjoyed the vibe of this area of the city.

What about other cities? Here are some cities I put in my “street art wishlist”:


I already visited Paris a few times so I already know the touristic places. I’d like to do something else the next time I visit the French capital. I saw in a video of Bruno Maltor that there is a super cool place for street art in Paris: Boulevard Vincent Auriol. I’d love to discover that place!


Berlin is one of the coolest cities in the world for street art. I’d love to visit this dynamic city for its culture, history, vibe and art.

Berlin street art


In a city as modern and dynamic as London, you’ll see for sure a lot of street art. I’ve been to London twice but I didn’t have the occasion to see a lot of street art.

Do you know any other cool place for street art? Share it!


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  1. I love street art, Melbourne has some beautiful walks in the city that showcase a lot of it. I’m in Europe early next year and can’t wait to check out some of your suggestions.

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