5 things to do in Strasbourg

5 things to do in Strasbourg

This summer I spent a weekend in Strasbourg, a lovely city located in Alsace (France). I really liked the charm of this town and above all, the beautiful architecture. Discover in this article 5 things to do during a short city trip in Strasbourg.

5 things to do in Strasbourg

#1 Wander in the town

You can easily visit Strasbourg by foot. I enjoyed walking in the city and discovering its beautiful streets, buildings and squares. I saw the national opera, the national library, the national theatre, the republic gardens… On a sunny day, it was very pleasant to walk in Strasbourg!


#2 La Petite France

La Petite France is definitely my favorite place in Strasbourg. This area is absolutely lovely with its old houses, typical from Alsace. It was so lovely that I took a picture of almost every houses! You will enjoy it!

Petite France

After your visit, you will probably be very hungry. I recommand you the restaurant Au Pont Saint-Martin. Both the inside and the terrace are beautiful, and the staff is very friendly. I ate a flammekueche, typical food of Alsace. It was delicious!


#3 The Cathedral

The beautiful cathedral of Strasbourg is probably the main attraction point of the city. The building is very high (142 meters!) and quite impressive.

Cathédrale Strasbourg

The entrance to visit the cathedral is free, but the access to the top costs €5. In my point of view, the top of the cathedral didn’t offer a very nice view on the town. Besides that, you have to climb up 332 steps and you arrive exhausted on the top (at least if you are not sportive like me!).

I enjoyed having a drink just in front of the cathedral. I recommend you the bar of the Maison Kammerzel.

#4 Boat tour

I take the boat in every city where I can do it because I love it! So I did in Strasbourg. The tickets costs €13 and the visit lasts for almost 2 hours. The visit is available in different languages. It was a nice way to learn about the city’s story. Click here for more info.


TIP : you can choose between 2 boats (covered with AC or uncovered), make sure you choose the boat you prefer when you buy the ticket.

#5 Strasbourg insolite

Strasbourg Insolite is a very pleasant way to discover the city. It’s a game where you have to follow a route and answer some questions about the city. How to find the answer? By looking around you!

It is funny to do and you walk through the main attraction points of the city. You also learn lots of things about Strasbourg thanks to the questions and the roadbook you receive at the beginning of the game. Enjoy the game but hurry up, because it’s a competition!

It was very well organized and I had a lot of fun, I totally recommand you to do it. The participation costs €10. Attention : the game is in French.

Petite France Strasbourg

This weekend in Strasbourg was really pleasant, I recommand you this city for a short citytrip!


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