Road trip in Central Greece and in the Peloponnese

Road trip in Central Greece and in the Peloponnese

I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology and Greek history. That’s why I absolutely wanted to visit Greece and especially the Peloponnese! My boyfriend and I went to Greece on a roadtrip in September 2019. It was the perfect time: the weather was good but not too hot and there were not too many tourists. You would like to do a similar trip? This article will help you!

Day 1: Athens

We spent our first day in Athens and we visited the Acropolis, the roman and ancient agoras and Hadrian’s library. The ticket for the Acropolis costs €20. If you plan to visit other ancient sites, you better take the pass for 30€, it includes the Acropolis (€20), the Ancient Agora (€8), the Roman Agora (€8), Hadrian’s Library (€4), the Kerameikos (€8), the Olympieion (€6) and the Archaeological site of Lykeion (€4).


Then we went to the Lycabettus Mount to watch the sunset. It’s a cool place but it was super crowded! For the accomodation we chose a guest house: Exarcheia House.

Mont Lycabettus

For more information check out my article about Athens.

Food recommandation: we had olives, feta, bread and tzaziki in Efxaris, it was very good!

Day 2: Athens –> Tolo (stop at Corinth and Mycenae)

On day 2, we took the car at Auto Union and we started our road trip! We drove to Corinthia to see the canal and the ancient site. The canal was quite impressive! The ancient site and the museum were very interesting as well. The entrance fee is €8.

Corinth canal
Ancient site Corinth

After that we drove to Mycenae and we also visited the ancient site. The entrance costs €12. It was amazing but quite tiring! It’s a citadel and you have to walk a lot for the visit, but the view is amazing.


We finally drove to our accomodation in Tolo. We spent 2 nights at the Meraki Studios and Appartments. It was a great place and the owner was very nice! There is a swimming pool and a bar where you can drink and eat. I totally recommand this place.

Food recommandation: the Taverna Gemelos in Corinth has an amazing view on the ancient site! We loved it.

Day 3: Tolo & Epidaurus

Epidaurus is at only 30 minutes by car from Tolo. We spent our morning to visit the site of the ancient theatre. The theatre is quite impressive! Go the top, you will have a great view. But the museum and the archeologic site were not very interesting. The entrance fee is €12. I think it’s a bit expensive because the site is not super big, but it’s worth it to see the theatre.

We spent the afternoon chilling at the swimming pool and we went to the beach to watch the sunset.

Day 4: Tolo –> Kalamata (stop in Nafplio, Sparta and Mystra)

Nafplio is considered as one of the most romantic cities in Greece. However, I didn’t feel this vibe. The old center is cute, but quite touristic, and the rest of the city didn’t impress me.

We continued our journey to Sparta. If you expect and old Greek city, you might be disappointed. Sparta is nowadays a modern city. However, you can go to the ancient ruins (for free). There isn’t a lot to see, but I advise you to go up the site, you’ll have an amazing view on the city.

Our next stop was Mystra. We wanted to visit the ancient site but it was quite late and it takes 2-3 hours to visit it, so we just stopped in the main square for a drink. The city is absolutely lovely! If you plan to go to Mystra, make sure to plan enough time to visit the site and have a drink in the main square.

We arrived in Kalamata in the evening, where we stopped in a nice hotel for the 2 following nights: Hotel Fotini. The room was nice and there’s a swimming pool. It’s very close to beaches and restaurants and the center of Kalamata was at 5 minutes by car.

Food recommandation: we had dinner at Fare. We really enjoyed that place so we decided to have dinner there the following evening as well. The food was super good and the staff friendly. We had greek speaclites: olives, souvlaki, tzaziki… I totally recommend this restaurant !

Day 5: Kalamata

The day 5 was the relax day. We chilled almost the whole day at the pool. We’ve been to the citycenter for lunch and we watched the sunset at the beach.

Day 6: Kalamata –> Olympia

If you are interested in the Olympic games, Olympia is definitely a city that you must see in Greece! There are lots of things to do, so consider to spend a whole day there. We visited the ancient site, the Olympic games museum and the archelogical museum. I’m not a fan of Olympic games, but it was super interesting to learn more about it. And I think it’s impressive that a celebration that started almost 800 years BC is still happening now. For €12, you will have access to the Archaeological Site of Olympia, the Archaeological Museum of Olympia and the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games.

We spent the night in Leonidaion Guest house and it was great! The owner was super cool and very helpful. It’s located very close to the museums and the site.

Food recommandation: our host recommended us Pheidias Grillhouse. We really enjoyed it. The food was good and the owner was friendly. He even offered us tapenades and breads before our lunch, and fruits for dessert.

Day 7: Olympia –> Dimitsana (stop in Lagkadia and Stemnista)

Day 7 was probably my favorite of the roadtrip! We didn’t have a fix program, we were in Olympia the morning and we had to go to Dimistana for the night. So we drove and decided to stop where we wanted. The road was epic! We were in Arcadia, in the middle of the mountains. We enjoyed a lot being on the road, the landscapes were amazing!

We stopped first in Lagkadia. When you arrive in the city center, you will see lots of restaurants and cafés. They all have a terrace, and the view on the mountains is just amazing!

Our next stop was Stemnista, one of the cutest villages I’ve ever seen! It’s a super small town with 200 inhabitants. The main square is super cute, it’s a nice place to stop for a drink or for lunch. On the main square you will see a sign for the panoramic view. Don’t miss it, it’s breathtaking!

Our hotel for the night was the Nerida Boutique Hotel in Dimitsana. It’s one of the most beautiful hotel where I stayed. We had a room with a mountain view, it was amazing!

Food recommandation: we had a Greek platter at Senate Coffee, a nice place located in the main square. It was great!

Day 8: Dimitsana –> Delphi (stops in Kleitoria, Kernitsa and Naupactos)

Day 8 was quite a long day, we had to drive from Dimitsana to Delphi. We decided to just drive and stop where we feeling like stopping. The first stop was in Kleitora, a cute little town. We had a drink in the main square before continuing our road.

We had lunch in a super nice restaurant in Kernitsa: To Paradosiako. The view was breathtaking! And the food was super good, I totally recommand you to stop there if it’s on your way.

Our last stop before Delphi was Naupactos. I really loved it! It was changing from the quiet cities in the Peloponese. It was more dynamic, but it was still very peaceful. And it’s beautiful!

We finally arrived in Delphi in the evening. Our accomodation was the Pan Hotel.

Day 9: Delphi –> Athens (stop in Thiva)

I was really looking forward to visit the ancient site of Delphi and it was super nice! But be prepared because it’s quite tiring! You will see the ancient theatre, the stadium, the treasury of the Athenians and many other ruins. The entrace costs €12.

We stopped in Thiva which is nowadays a modern city. It’s not a stop to do if you want to see an archelogical site.

At the end of the day it was the time to go back to Athens and give back the car. We spent the night at the hotel Athens Lights.

Day 10: Athens

We finished the trip the same way we started it, in Athens. We went to the Acropolis Museum and we had a walk in the National Garden.

For more information check out my article about Athens.

Practical information

Renting a car

We rented a car via Auto Union. We booked it via the webite Sunny Cars. The service was great, I recommend it! We took the car at the agency in Athens and give it back at the same place.


At the beginning we were planning to do camping during the whole road trip. But we realized that the price for camping (tent + shower + place for the car etc) was around €15, and a night at the hotel was around €25 (with breakfast included). So we prefered to sleep in hotels and guest houses. We booked everything with Booking.


Car: We paid €213 to rent a car for 8 days (insurances included), €80 for the fuel and €25 for the tolls.

Accomodation: in total we paid €540 for 10 nights for 2 persons.

Activities: we spent almost €100 per person for all the archeological sites and museums.

Food: it’s hard to give a total amount on what we spent on food, but count more or less €25 for 2 persons in a restaurant for a meal and a drink. Of course, you can spend less money on food if you eat in fast-foods.

I really enjoyed this road trip! Driving on such beautiful roads was amazing. I loved the small villages in Arcadia, the landscapes were breathtaking! It’s a road trip that I definitely recommend you to, especially if you are interested in Greek history. Next time, we’ll go to the North of Greece!


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    1. I think that it would be difficult to visit some of the ancient sites with a pushchair :/ The Acropolis and the site of Mykines are located on hills, but if you have a baby carrier it should be ok 🙂

  1. So cool! Greece looks like a super cool place to drive around. I never knew how breathtaking Greece’s mainland is. I hope I can do this one day. Thanks for sharing!

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