Niclas shares his passion for travel and photography

Niclas shares his passion for travel and photography

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Niclas, 25 years old, is passionate about travel and photography. He is a teacher, but he hopes to turn photography into a career one day. And seeing his amazing pictures, we can bet he will succeed! He also launched his blog to share his passion. Discover more about him in this interview!

22 countries visited

Last travel: Canada

Next travel: China

You are passionate about travel photography. How did it start?

To be honest, I think I developed a passion for photography when I visited Ecuador and Galapagos in 2013. Back then it was with a digital camera in hand, but I was always trying to look for interesting compositions, even though I had no knowledge about it whatsoever. I picked up my first DSLR camera in 2016 before I ventured to Cape Town for my third visit. However, it wasn’t before my trip ended that I really started to find an interest in the techniques regarding photography, which my pictures from the trip also shows. Since I returned from Cape Town in November 2016, I have spent tons of time reading and watching tutorials about photography. It helped me to improve a lot, and make my images become much better.

Dane on a plane

What do you like to photograph? Landscapes? People?

I primarily shoot landscape photos, as well as cityscapes. However, I believe that it is important to gain knowledge about all the different genres of photography, so that’s something I try to do. Obviously, I need to improve my photography in all categories, one must never stop learning. I will try to improve my street and portrait photography as well. There are just so many interesting parts of photography that I still need to explore. However, my favorite part of photography is landscapes. I like to take my time with landscapes, to properly convey my feelings about a certain place to the viewer.

Dane on a plane

Give me three basic tips for photography.

#1 Think about your composition

If you want to learn photography, this is one of the first things you must pay attention to. In order to take good photos, you will need to learn how to use or create an interesting composition. Are you including leading lines? What is the point of interest? Foreground interest? Are you using the rule of thirds? Maybe even the golden ratio? And how do you use the colors in your frame to your advantage? I’m not saying that one must “obey” of all these tools or rules, but if this is what has worked in the past, and is now working for professionals, it might be a good thing to read up on. Of course, you don’t need to include all of these in one photo, but read up on composition rules in order to gain knowledge about what works. You will then be able to take that knowledge with you out in the field and use it to your advantage.

#2 Shoot in the right light

Shooting in the right light can honestly make or break your photos. That one thing that all of your favorite photographers have in common, is that they are chasing the best light for their photos. And you should do the same. If you are into landscape, you will have to get up for sunrise and get out for sunset. The best light normally happens at these two times of the day.

#3 Practice

This is the best thing you can do, and ultimately what will improve your images. Always keep practicing what you learn from those hours you put into reading the theoretical part of photography as well as watching tutorials. You must never stop yourself from learning.

What are the best travel spots you have been to?

This is a tough one… Regarding photography, Canada and Iceland. Those two countries are so unique and have some of the most amazing landscapes I have ever seen. They are without a doubt two countries that I would love to shoot again. And I know that I can improve my photos just by revisiting those two countries again. Morocco was also a great destination both regarding the experience and the photography. You can check out some of my favorite shots from the trip here.

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Italy is also an incredibly beautiful country, with lots of diverse scenes to shoot. If I have to choose one favorite country, I would say South Africa. This is my favorite country in the world, and the place I keep going back to. There are lots of beauty and the people are amazing.

Do you film as well? Are you planning to make some vlogs one day?

I film parts of my trips but I’m really bad at putting it together and actually create a film. I’m planning to film my trip through Asia but I feel quite sure that I won’t be able to edit it myself so I might look for someone to do it for me. I’m not doing vlogs and actually don’t plan to do it. However, I might do some photography tutorials in the future if I feel like I’m actually good enough to do so.

Dane on a plane

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