Maxime quit his job to travel the world

Maxime quit his job to travel the world

Maxime, 26 years old, quit his job as a receptionnist in Belgium to travel the world! Before he left, I asked him a few questions about the preparation of this big adventure.

Since Always - Brazil

23 countries visited

Last travel: Budapest, Hungary

Next travel: South America

You’re leaving for a world tour. Did you plan to do it for a long time? Or was it spontaneous?

I wanted to travel but I didn’t know that I would leave for a world trip. I decided it after a working day. I was feeling a bit sad, thinking about my daily routine. I talked to my brother and we thought “let’s go to South America!” I bought a single ticket for Brazil and I will travel for at least 10 months.

Do you book your flights and accommodations in advance or you do it in last minute?

Both. It depends on where I’m going and how long I want to stay there. I have heard that in South America, it’s common to negociate the price for your hostels. I will just go and see. But during winter holidays, I will be in Canada an USA. It’s quite difficult to find a cheap accommodation at this time of the year, therefore I would need to book everything in advance to have the cheapest price.

Since Always - Brésil

How did you find the money for this project?

I saved a lot of money during the past 2 years and this will help me during this long trip. But I might need to work during the travel. I already thought about doing a WHV (Working Holiday Visa) in Australia after this 10 months to have some more experience and of course to save more money and continue to travel.

What do you expect from this travel around the world?

I don’t have any expectations from the world trip to be honest. I just wanted to realize the dreams I had when I was younger. I actually always wanted to be an expat, so I would say maybe finding the country where I want to live.

Since Always- USA

You’re writing a blog since 2 years. Why did you launch this project?

I have my own travel blog (in French). I write about my experiences and about tips to travel. I also write about my own stories which can be really funny sometimes. I wanted to create a blog to let my family know about my travels. I remember when I was a child, my parents always brought their cameras during our holidays because they wanted to create memories. When I started writing, it was all about that, making memories. I wanted my family to know about my projects, my daily life when I’m traveling and that is also why I began to record videos with my camera and post in on Youtube. There is no taboo on my blog. If I have a problem with something I would definitely write it down. I’m not the one who will show only the positive aspects of traveling, because we all know that it can be difficult or disappointing sometimes. But as I always say, if something is good or bad for me, maybe it won’t be the same for someone else. Everybody has its own judgement.

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  1. This was an awesome article. It’s interesting to read it from an interview perspective (as I’m always reading about long-term travel and how to). Definitely going to check out his blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’d love to have the ability to risk regular life for long term travel. I guess my biggest fear is that if I travel for too long I won’t enjoy it as much as I do. Great interview!

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