Malta – Travel Guide

Malta – Travel Guide

2 years ago I decided to move to Malta, a small island located in the Mediterranean sea. During the weekend, I like exploring the country, from touristic places to less touristic ones. And even if the island is tiny, I keep discovering new things. You’re planning to go to Malta soon? This travel guide will help you!

Travel Guide Malta

What to do in Malta?

Malta is a very small island. If you go there for a few days, you can see a lot of the country. My favorites places are Valletta, Mdina, Blue Grotto and Marsaxlokk. But you can easily visit these places in 2 days. If you have more time in Malta, you can do much more: snorkeling, hiking, swimming, go to the 2 other islands (Comino and Gozo)…

How to get around?

Buses in Malta are not known to be reliable. And during the high season, they are full and it’s hard to get a seat. But you can still move easily by bus in the island. Rent a car if you would like more freedom. Some tourists rent a scooter, but I wouldn’t advise it.

A bus ticket costs 1,50€ in the low season and 2€ in the high season and is valid for 2 hours. There are also some cards: 12 singles journeys for 15€ and unlimited travel for 7 days for 21€.

Where to sleep?

You can find a lot of hotels, hostels, farmhouses and guest houses in the whole island. You will find a lot of accomodations on Wild camping is not allowed in the country, but there is a camping site in Comino.

Where and what to eat?

If you want a good overview of Maltese food, order a Maltese platter in a restaurant. You will have stuffed olives, sundried tomatoes, Gozitan cheese, maltese sausages, bigilla… Another local specialty is the rabbit. Malta also has very good places for fish and seafood. And don’t forget to try the pastizzi! It’s a traditional savoury pastry. You can find it in pastizzeria, they are all over the island. Eating and drinking in Malta is quite cheap compared to the rest of Europe.

What I did

I live in Malta for 2 years so I had the opportunity to visit a lot of places. Have a look at my articles about Malta:

Malta is a very cool place, I hope you’ll like it!


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