Los Angeles – My top 5

Los Angeles – My top 5

During summer 2013, one of my biggest dreams came true: to go to the USA. I spent a month in California. I was based in San Diego, but I traveled during weekends and I had the opportunity to spend 3 days in Los Angeles.

3 days were not enough to explore the whole city, but I had time to discover the main touristic places. Discover my top 5!

Top 5 Los Angeles

#1 Hollywood Boulevard

Walking through the Walk of Fame was awesome! And very looooong, because I wanted to take a picture of each star with a celebrity I like, so I was stopping every 10 seconds!

This boulevard is full of people dressed as Mickey Mouse, Superman, Minions… You can take a picture with them if you give a tip. You will find also lots of shops to buy souvenirs from Los Angeles.

The Madame Tussauds Museum is located on this boulevard. The visit is worth it, even if I have to admit that I prefer the one in London.

walk of fame

#2 Hollywood sign

Seeing the famous Hollywood sign is a must-do in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I saw it from afar.

TIP : this website might help you to find the best spot.

Hollywood sign

#3 Universal Studios

It was really fun to visit the Universal Studios and to be plunged into movie’s decors: Jurassic Park, King Kong, Fast & Furious… The visit is definitely worth it, especially if you love cinema!

My favorite moment? Discovering Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives).

Universal Studio

#4 Santa Monica

I truly loved Santa Monica’s area and its atmosphere. Santa Monica’s beach is typically Californian, with the small lifeguard houses. And there is a luna park right on the beach!

Santa Monica

#5 Beverly Hills

I had the opportunity to stop at the famous Beverly Hills sign and to have a walk in this beautiful area of Los Angeles. I wish I could spend a little bit more time there.

Beverly Hills

Please note that I went there a few years ago, and at this time I was not planning to write a blog. Therefore I miss some information and good pictures. 🙂

I hope I will have the chance to go back!


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