London – My top 10

London – My top 10

London is an amazing, beautiful, incredible city which has a specific meaning for me, because it’s during my first trip in London that I became a real travel lover. I was 18 years old and I was totally amazed by this big city! The red buses driving in the busy streets, the mythic telephone booths, the famous Big Ben… What I really like in this city is the landscape’s diversity and the multitude of cool things to do.

If I had to write about all the things that you can do in London, one blog post won’t be sufficient, so I chose to present you 10 places that I love in London.

Top 10 London

#1 Big Ben and Westminster

THE place to visit à London!  I have to admit that I was quite surprised the first time I saw Big Ben because it’s not that big… but it’s still impressive, the whole building (with the Palace of Westminster) is very beautiful, in a nice quarter next to the river Tames. Just walk around and enjoy the view! Go also in the Parliament Square Garden where there are the statues of Nelson Mandela, Ghandi and Winston Churchill.

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#2 Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of my favorite places in London. The old market place looks very lovely, you can buy all kind of stuffs, have a coffee or just walk. The streets in the surroundings are full of nice small shops and I really like the atmosphere in that district.

covent garden

#3 Notting Hill

I LOVE Notting Hill! This is truly one of my favorite districts in London. In a few words: small houses, colors and cosy atmosphere! I loved walking in the streets, discovering the colorful houses and the nice shops. Do you recognize this one?


No, it’s not just a souvenir shop like the 1000000 other ones in the city. It’s Hugh Grant’s bookshop in the movie Notting Hill, with Julia Roberts.

Don’t miss the Portobello market with lots of food stands, accessories and vintage stuff such as old cameras or phones. If you love this kind of stuffs I advise you to keep a little space in your suitcase to bring something from the market.

Portobello market

#4 Picadilly

Picadilly is a very busy place with a lot of big shops, restaurants and cafés. I like this place especially in the evening, when you can see all the huge advertisings on the buildings, all the lights, the red buses driving in the busy streets… There are some really nice shops, not to buy things (it can be really expensive) but for the atmosphere, suchs as the M&M’s shop.

MMS shop

#5  Kensington Garden

London is a big urban city, but if you need time to rest, have a nap or picnic in a green area, you will find what you want! My favorite one? Kensington Garden. It’s an oasis of calm, a very beautiful garden in the middle of a capital. Have a long walk then have a nap, enjoy an ice-cream… there are plenty of things you can do there, but what I really loved in this Garden is the Peter Pan statue, as I am a huge fan of the Disney movie!

Peter Pan's statue

#6 Madame Tussaud Museum

Among the three wax museum I visited in my life (Madame Tussaud London, Madame Tussaud Los Angeles and Musée Grévin Paris), Madame Tussaud London is definitely the best!

It’s not only a museum with wax statues, it’s more than this! There are games, animations, interactive activities… It really was an amazing experience and even if it’s expensive (35£), I totally advise you to go there! You will have fun! The museum is quite big, so plan enough time for your visit (I took 4 hours!).

TIP: buy your ticket online in advance to save money

#7 London Eye

Yes it is also very expensive to enter in the London Eye (+ 30£), but it is soooo cool to do! 30 minutes with a beautiful view on London, a full pleasure! I recommend you to do it. And if you are worried about having vertigo, don’t be, I have also vertigo and I didn’t have any problem.

TIP: Buy a fast-track ticket online and avoid spending time on the queue.


London eye

#8 British museum

The British Museum is probably the most known museum in England. I have to admit that it’s not the kind of museum I really like (I usually prefer museums with paintings) but it’s interesting, the architecture of the building is nice and the entrance is free, so it makes it a place to go! Among the 7 billions objects exposed in the museum (yes it’s a lot!), the most famous is the Rosetta Stone.

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British museum

TIP: The museum is huge and you won’t have time to visit everything, so plan your visit ahead and choose which galleries interest you the most.

#9 Harrods

If you don’t cry when you see hundreds of shoes, make-up, jewels or clothes that you will never buy because it’s more expensive than your house, then have a look at the luxury shop Harrods! Just to dream a bit… And maybe you will find some chocolate or sweets that you can buy without being broke.


#10 Tower Bridge

I didn’t have the opportunity to go inside the Tower Bridge, I just looked at it from the outside. This big bridge supported by two towers is a must-see in London. Combine your visit to Tower Bridge with a visit at the London Tower which is really close.


London is so big and I didn’t have the chance to visit everything, such as Camden Town, the Hampstead, Shakespeare Globe, Primrose Hill… It’s the occasion to plan another trip! 🙂


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