Eveline, always seeking for the greatest adventures

Eveline, always seeking for the greatest adventures

Eveline, 29 years, is constantly seeking for new adventures and challenges. When she travels, she likes to go out of her comfort zone. Some people think it might be dangerous, but she always knows what she’s doing. I asked her a few questions about her crazy trips!


Numbers of countries visited: 33

Last travel: Ukraine

Next travel: Lapland

What’s the most adventurous trip you’ve ever done?

Definitely my 5 months backpacking in Asia! I’ve been to Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thaïland, Singapore and Malaysia. It was an amazing adventure! I’ve done the 3 Passes trek in the Himalaya. I’ve also spent 2,5 months climbing in Laos and Thailand. That’s how started my passion for climbing!

3 passes trek nepal

My trip in Iceland was quite adventurous too! I booked my flight last minute with a friend and we left without any plan. We didn’t book any accommodation, we just took a tent with us. On the flight, we met people who were planning to visit the country by car. At the end, we spent the whole trip with them, 2 weeks road tripping and camping. It was quite cold at night, but this trip would have never been the same without all these last minute plans. It was a great adventure!



What is your best travel souvenir?

I have a lot! Asia was for sure the best trip in my life. But I would like to mention also the trips I’ve done with my parents. It’s thanks to them that I love traveling. Every year, we were doing a big trip with the family. They brought my sister and me to Costa Rica, Canada, Tunisia, USA… If I have to choose my favourite trip with them, it’s for sure the roadtrip on the American West Coast in 2009. We’ve traveled from Las Vegas to San Francisco. We visited the Grand Canyon, Dead Valley, Monument Valley, Sequoia National Park… I was really impressed by the beauty of the nature and that’s when I realized that I prefer to stay outside rather than inside.


Do you sometimes travel in “extreme” conditions?

It depends how you define “extreme”. I like to go out of my comfort zone but I always avoid dangerous conditions. I like adventure but I don’t want it to be deadly. I never felt in danger because I know what I’m doing. For example, when I try extreme sports, I always go with people who have the right expertise.


What’s your dream travel?

I would love to rent a van in South America and travel there for a few months, discovering the local culture and of course, doing a lot of outside activities like hiking, climbing and kitesurfing. New Zeeland is also on top of my wishlist!

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