Travel wishlist 2019

New year, new travel wishlist! If you check my travel wishlist 2018, you might notice that my top 3 totally changed. Not because I visited these places in 2018, but because this year I wanted to make a list a bit more realistic šŸ˜Š I’ve been to 3 places of the previous wishlist: Verona, Sicily … More Travel wishlist 2019

Throwback 2018

I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year. 2018 went so fast! This was my first full year in my new country, Malta. Even if the island is tiny, I still have a lot of things to visit! It was also a year full of travels. Back to 2018 in pictures. Budapest My … More Throwback 2018

Throwback 2017

2017 was a special year for me. After an internship and a temporary contract in Belgium, I got my first fix job… abroad! I left Belgium in August 2017 to live and work in a beautiful island, Malta. 2017 was also the year where I discovered a new way of travelling – hitchiking – during … More Throwback 2017