About me


My name is Linda, I’m 25 years old and I come from Belgium. I grew up in a multi-cultural family, my mother is Italian and my father is Morrocan. Since August 2017, I live in Malta, a tiny island in the Mediterranean sea. I work as Online Media Manager in a Digital Publishing Company. My biggest passion is traveling. I love discovering the world, during citytrip or roadtrips. 2 of my other passions are writing and digital marketing. I wanted to create a blog to combine these 3 passions. I’m also learning photography and I like a lot of other things: art, theatre, litterature, food, shopping… In this blog, I share with you my travel experiences and tips.

PS: please note that English is not my mother tongue 😉

Travel counter: 18 countries

  • Belgium: lot of cities
  • France: Paris & Strasbourg
  • Germany: Trier
  • Greece: Kos
  • Hungary: Budapest
  • Ireland: Dublin, Galway, Connemara area
  • Italy: Rome, Venice, Verona, Bologna, Torino, Catania
  • Luxembourg: just driving by
  • Malta
  • Morocco: when I was small
  • Poland: Krakow
  • Portugal: Lisbon
  • Spain: Barcelona
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Tunisia: holidays with family
  • Turkey: holidays with family
  • UK: London, Edinburgh + other places in Scotland
  • USA: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon