A weekend in Venice

A weekend in Venice

Venice is one of my biggest travel surprise. I have to admit that this city was not on top of my bucket list. I heard so many negative comments about it: too many tourists, full of pigeons, bad smell during summer, extremely expensive… that doesn’t make you want to go there at first. This city is so popular and I wanted to have my own point of view, so I spent a weekend in La Serenissima. Verdict? I LOVED it!

A weekend in Venice

If you read blog articles about Venice, the advice you will see the most is « get lost and discover ». As I only had 1,5 days in the city, I planned a little bit my weekend ahead. Discover the places I visited!

Saturday morning – Piazza San Marco

The first place I visited is the famous Piazza San Marco, one of the most visited and touristic places in Italy. I visited the beautiful Basilica di San Marco. The entrance is free but if you want to visit the Treasure of St Mark’s and the Pala D’Oro, two rooms inside the cathedral, you have to pay. You also have to pay if you want an audioguide or a skip the line ticket.

Piazza San Marco

Another attraction point in this square is the Campanile di San Marco. For €8, you can go up to the top of the Campanile and you will see Venice from above. According to me, it’s a must do! The view is amazing, I really enjoyed it!




Saturday afternoon – Palazzo Ducale, Dorsoduro, Ponte dell’Accademia

Another must do in Venice is definitely the Palazzo Ducale, an old palace built in 1340. It used to be the main residence of the Doges of the Republic of Venice. The palace is impressive and the visit is worthy! The full price ticket costs €20.

Palazzo Ducale

I continued my day in another district of the city, Dorsoduro. There is the famous church, Santa Maria della Salute, built in 1630 and housing paintings from well-known artists, like Titien and Tintoretto.


After walking in the cute tiny streets of Dorsoduro, I arrived at the Ponte dell’Accademia. This bridge is my favourite spot in the city! I could spend hours standing on this bridge to enjoy the beautiful view!


Saturday evening – Rialto and San Giorgio di Maggiore

Another famous bridge in Venice is the Ponte di Rialto. There are only 4 bridges crossing the Grand Canal of Venice; Rialto is the oldest and probably the most known.


Before the sun goes down, I advice you to go to the small island of San Giorgio di Maggiore. You will enjoy a wonderful sunset on the city!

Sunset in VeniceSunset in Venice

Sunday morning – Galleria dell’Accademia

La Galleria dell’Accademia is a famous museum in Venice. The full price ticket costs €12. As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t enjoy this museum that much. It was nice, but it’s not a must do according to me.

Sunday afternoon

I spent my last hours in Venice by wandering in the city. This time, I followed the advice “get lost and discover” and I really enjoyed it!


How to move in the city

Venice is not that big, you can visit the whole city by foot, or you can take a boat. There are 3 types of boats:

  • Traghetti: for a very small ride to cross the river, it costs about €2.
  • Vaporetto: the public transport in the city, very useful! One ticket costs €7,5 and is valid for 75 minutes.
  • Gondola: for a romantic tour in the city! The price is €80. I didn’t do it because I was with my mother and I want to keep it for my next visit with my boyfriend 🙂

TIP: for the Vaporetto, the pass is very interesting: €20 for 1 day / €30 for 2 days.


I loved discovering this beautiful city and I hope you will like it as well!


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