6 things to do when you feel the post-travel blues

6 things to do when you feel the post-travel blues

Do you feel bad when you come back from a trip? You don’t know what to do, you want to go back there, you’re wondering what you are doing where you are… Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. A lot of people have the same feeling and it has a name: the post-travel blues. Here are 6 things you can do to feel better:

Post travel blues

#1 Remember your trip

Ilka Chase said ” To me travel is triple delight: anticipation, performance and recollection”. When you come back, you are in the 3rd phase. Have a look at your pictures, make a nice album, write about your travel, share it with your family and friends… It will remind you all the nice moments you had there.

#2 Enjoy the time at home

Even if I love traveling, I also enjoy spending time at home and watch Netflix, read a book, watch a good movie… Sometimes it’s good to be at home and take time to relax. If you don’t feel good at home, maybe you’re not at the right place. Sometimes it also helps to reorganize and clean your home, it will also clean your mind and it will help you to feel better at home and appreciate the time you spend there.

#3 See your family and friends

Spending time with family and friends is very important for me. I like traveling, but I always miss my relatives. So even if I’m sad to come back from a trip, I feel happy to see again my family and friends!

#4 Plan the next trip

That is the thing that works the best for me. When I come back from a trip, I like to already plan the next one. Actually, I don’t like to come back from a trip without having something else planned. So I usually have something already planned for the next weeks or months and I start preparing this trip but I also think about future travels.

Planifier voyage

#5 Have a project

If you can’t wait until your next trip and you want to do something else than working (or studying) and stay at home, find a new thing to do, a new project. It can be a new sport, try something that you never did before like painting, drawing, sewing… The time will go faster until the next trip!

#6 Visit your country

We usually tend to think that we have to go far away to see nice things. Why not (re)discovering your country? I’m sure there are nice spots that you don’t know yet! You can just spend a day there or go for the weekend. Even if it’s not a “real” trip, it feels good to see something new and do something else.

I hope this article will help you to feel better!


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