6 must do’s in Rome

6 must do’s in Rome

Who never dreamt of visiting Rome? The Coliseum, the historical sites, the romantic spots, the Italian food… Rome is definitely a must do in a lifetime! I went there twice and it’s one of my favourite cities. This historical city is full of impressive monuments and gorgeous places. Whether you want to stay for a week and explore the whole city, or just stay for a few days, you will enjoy it! In this article, I present you some must do’s during a short trip.

6 must do's in Rome

#1 Coliseum and Roman Forum

The Coliseum is the symbol of Rome, the most visited monument in the city… In other words, THE place to visit in Rome.

The Roman Forum is the place where you will see the historical part of Rome: arch of Constantin, temple of Caesar… During the Antiquity, people were meeting on this place for commercial, religious and political purposes.

TIP: buy your ticket online and skip the queue.


#2 Trevi Fountain

There are more or less 2000 fountains in Rome! You will find at least one on every square! The Trevi Fountain is the most known, and probably the most beautiful! Have a walk in the area and enjoy a delicious Italian ice-cream… this is the dolce vita!

If you’re enjoying the city, throw a coin in the fountain. The legend says that you will come back.

Trevi fountain
I took this picture on the website Pixabay – I had a bad quality camera during my first trip in Rome, and the fountain was under reconstruction during my second trip.

Not far away from the fountain, you will find the restaurant Le Lanterne. I went there twice and I really liked it. Good food, friendly crew, not expensive… a gem among all the touristic places!

#3 Piazza Navona

This lovely square has 3 beautiful fountains and some nice cafés. It’s the perfect spot to start the day, enjoying a delicious cappuccino before exploring the city. Sometimes, some painters are working on this square and selling their paintings.

piazza navona roma

#4 Pantheon

This monument is very old : 1st century BC! Lots of kings and painters have their grave in there. The visit is free. For more information, visit this website.


After your visit, grab a slice of pizza! There is a small pizzeria at the beginning of the street Giustiniani, their pizzas are delicious !

#5 Piazza di Spagna

This Roman square is famous thanks to the long stairs (135 steps) going to the Trinità dei Monti church. This is a lovely square, with nice cafés and restaurants. It might be a bit more expensive in this area, though. In front of the square, there is the famous Condotti street. This is the place where you will find lots of luxury shops: Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Armani…

Piazza di Spagna

#6 Vatican

Complete your stay at Rome with a visit at the papal state. Don’t miss the Museum of Vatican which is really interesting. At the end of the visit, you will arrive into the Sixtine Chapel. Don’t forget to visit the famous Saint Peter’s Church!

TIP: buy your ticket online for the museum and skip the queue


I’m planning to visit Rome a 3rd time to discover more places! And you, what’s your favourite spots in Rome? 🙂


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  1. I’ve been in Italy a few times, I still have to visit Rome 🙂 It looks really beautiful and interesting from what you’ve said 😀

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