6 ideas to spend time during a flight

6 ideas to spend time during a flight

I love to take the plane! 2 hours, 8 hours… I don’t mind, I love it! A lot of people think that a long flight is a waste of time. But it’s not! It’s the perfect occasion to do things that we usually never do because we don’t have time.

During a flight, you have free time! So what can you do? I give you 6 ideas to spend time during a flight!

6 ideas to spend time during a flight

#1 Read

I always buy a girly magazine at the airport and I love to read it during the flight, it relaxes me. I love books, but usually, I don’t read a book during a flight because it’s too noisy.

#2 Watch a movie or a TV show

Don’t forget to download some episodes of your favorite show on your tablet/laptop/smartphone and enjoy it during the flight!

If it’s a long-haul flight, you will probably have a screen on the seat in front of you with a big choice of movies.

TIP: I recommand you a comedy, to relax and to avoid screaming or crying in the plane 😉 It happened to me, I was watching a sad movie and I cried like a baby!

#3 Write postcards

Maybe you’re traveling the world and you always forget to send postcards to your beloves ones from each country you have visited. During a flight, it’s the perfect moment to do it!

Postcards wall

#4 Sleep

Some people can’t sleep on a plane. But if you can (like me), you’re lucky! Sometimes I fall asleep after a few minutes and I wake up just before the landing, so the flight goes very quickly!

TIP: a pillow, a eye-mask and ear plugs might help you to sleep better.

#5 Work on your blog

If you also have a blog, you know that it takes time to work on it and you maybe miss some time. During a flight, you do have time to work on it: write down some ideas, write an article, sort pictures…

#6 Listen to music

Can be combined with other activities, like working or your blog or sleeping. Usually, I don’t sleep deeply and I prefer to have some music in my ears.

And you, how do you spend time during a flight? 🙂



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  1. #3 is GOLD! I brought back so many bank post cards from trip to Spain because I never had time to dedicate them!

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