5 things to see in Bratislava

5 things to see in Bratislava

Bratislava is one of my biggest travel surprises in Europe. I was not really planning to visit this city. But I was planning to go to Vienna and there was no direct flight from my city, the closer airport was in Bratislava. So I decided to combine it and visit the 2 cities. I only spent a few hours in Bratislava but I loved it! It’s a lovely city and I wish I had more time to explore more.

5 things to do in Bratislava

#1 The main square (and surroundings)

The main square of Bratislava is super lovely! Around it, you will find lots of restaurants and bars. The city center is easily walkable, it’s very pleasant to wander around the square if the weather is good. The Old Town Hall is located on the Main Square. There is a museum about the local history. You can also go up to the tower, you will have an amazing view on all the city!

Don’t miss the famous Bratislava’s statues: the man at work and the Schöne Náci. They are located in the street on the right of the square.

Main Square Bratislava

#2 The castle

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to visit the castle but I would love to visit it next time. From the outside, it’s super beautiful! It’s located on a hill so you can see it from barely everywhere in the city.

Bratislava Castle

#3 The blue church

Have you already seen a blue church? The St Elizabeth church of Bratislava is absolutely beautiful! It was closed when I was there, but the more important is seeing it from the outside.

Blue church Bratislava

#4 The gardens and parks

You will find several gardens and parks in Bratislava. I had a walk in the President’s gardens. It was very pleasant to walk among the trees and the fountains under the sun, the place was quite peaceful.

Garden Bratislava

#5 The street art

I didn’t know about that before going there, but Bratislava is a nice city for street art lovers! I saw several paintings when I was walking from the main square to the blue church. You like street art as well? Have a look at my article about the best cities for street art in Europe!

Street art Bratislava

Practical information


Bratislava is one of the cheapest cities in Europe. You can find cheap hotels and restaurants, even in the city center! The currency is the euro.


I spent the night in the Hotel Tatra, it was €70 for 2 persons, breakfast included. The hotel was amazing and very close to the center! You can also find cheaper hotels, have a look at Booking.com.


We had a very good lunch at Le Papillon Restaurant, I totally recommend it!

I really enjoyed my trip in Bratislava but it was too short! I would love to go back and explore more of the city and of the country! Have you ever been to Bratislava? Did you like it? Tell me in comments!


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