5 things to do in Athens

5 things to do in Athens

I always wanted to go to Athens because I’m interested in Greek history. I had the opportunity to visit the Greek capital during a road trip in central Greece and in the Peloponnese. To be honest, Athens was not my favorite city of the trip. It was even the one I liked the less. Why? Probably because it’s victim of its own success and it’s full of tourists. But if you go to Greece, you can’t miss the capital. I advise you to spend 2-3 days there. Here are 5 cool things to do in Athens:

5 things to do in Athens

#1 Acropolis

If you have only one thing to see in Athens, it’s the Acropolis! The most famous monument of the Acropolis is the Parthenon, but it’s not the only one that you will see there. There is also the Athena’s temple, the Dionysos’ theatre and many more. Even if the place is always quite crowded, it’s a must do. The ticket costs 20€. You can also buy a pass for 30€ and you will have access to the Acropolis (20€), the Ancient Agora (8€), the Roman Agora (8€), Hadrian’s Library (4€), the Kerameikos (8€), the Olympieion (6€) and the Archaeological site of Lykeion (4€). It’s worth it if you plan to visit many sites.


#2 Acropolis Museum

The museum will help you to understand better the history of the Acropolis. It’s quite big and there are a lot of things to see. You will learn a lot! I advise you to buy a skip the line ticket to avoid spending 2 hours in the queue.

#3 Ancient Agora

I was nicely surprised by the Ancient Agora. It’s a big park with ruins and a museum. The visit is very pleasant, it combines history and relaxing in a nice park. From there, you will have a very nice view on the Acropolis and on the city. The entrance to the site is included in the pass.

Ancient Agora

#4 National Garden

The National Garden is the perfect place to be away from the crowd and the agitation of the city. Walking between the trees and sitting on a bench in a quiet place will relax you.

#5 Mont Lycabettus

The Mont Lycabettus is probably one of the best place in Greece to watch the sunset. But it means that it’s full of people… You can drive to the mount, take a taxi or walk (around 30 minutes from the bottom). Then you’ll have a few stairs left to go to the top, where there is the church of St George. I was very disappointed when I arrived there because it was super crowded and there was a line to take a picture of the sunset! I advise you to go a bit lower. There will be less people and the view is still nice!

Mont Lycabettus

It was nice to visit Athens even if I didn’t have a crush for this city. And you, have you ever been to Athens? What do you think about the Greek capital?


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