5 steps to plan your next citytrip

5 steps to plan your next citytrip

Queen of organization could be my 2nd name 😉 I love organizing events, especially travels! On the other hand, some people hate planning their trips. If you are in this category and if you don’t know where to start, this article might be useful. Follow this 5 steps to plan your next citytrip, and it would be much easier!

Step to plan a citytrip

Step 1: look for information about your destination

This is not a step that I’m doing everytime I book a trip. But sometimes, it might be useful to look for more information about your destination before booking your flight. It depends where you want to go. I’m thinking mainly about the weather. For example, I won’t book a flight to Asia without checking if it’s the good period to go there, regarding the rain season etc.

Step 2: book your flight

Before booking any accomodation, I always book the flight, because the price can change a lot! Depends on the day you book, the day you want to leave or to come back… The difference is sometimes huge! I mainly travel in Europe with Ryanair.


Step 3: book your accommodation

Once your flight is booked, you can start looking for an accommodation. Decide first what type you want: hotel, b&b, Airbnb, hostel…? When you have decided, have a look at different websites. I mainly use Booking, Ryanair Rooms, Airbnb and Hostelworld.

Step 4: book your transfer from the airport

I always check where is the airport and if it’s close to my accomodation. Sometimes it’s quite close and it’s easy to go by bus. But sometimes it’s a bit too far away, or there is no bus if I arrive very late… That’s why I always check how to go to the city center, and if needed, I book my ticket in advance online. It allows me to avoid stress at the airport.

Step 5: plan your visits

Flight, accomodations and transfert are booked, now it’s time for the funniest part! Even though some people think I’m too organized and I should be more spontaneous when I travel, I prefer to plan a bit my trip ahead.

Plan travel

Why? For example, some museums are closed on certain days. Or for some places, you need to buy your ticket in advance and can’t buy it on the spot. It’s super frustrating to go somewhere you want to visit and realize you can’t enter! That’s why I plan some visits in advance. I check the opening hours, and if needed, I buy my ticket in advance. Buying the ticket online is sometimes a really good idea, because you usually have discounts, and you can skip the queue! To plan my visits, I usually buy a city guide from Lonely Planet or Un grand week-end (in French), and I read some blogs to have other blogger’s opinions.

Now you’re ready to travel! Hope this article was useful 🙂


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