6 places related to Harry Potter in Scotland

I’m a HUGE fan of Harry Potter. So when I was planning my trip to Scotland, I had to plan a Harry Potter tour. As you might know, Scotland is a very important place for JK Rowling. That’s where she found some inspiration for her books. Some parts of the movies were also shot there. Lots of companies organise Harry Potter guided tours, especially in Edinburgh. You can book a tour with them or visit these places by youself. I booked a tour in Edinburgh and I’ve been to Glenfinnan by myself. Both experiences were great!

6 places related to harry potter in scotland

Glenfinnan viaduct

The famous Glenfinnan viaduct is the one we see in the movies! During summer time, you can take the Jacobite Steam Train that goes from Fort William to Mallaig and you will pass on this viaduct. You can also stop at Glenfinnan and walk up to the hill to have a nice view of the viaduct. I was there in November so the train was not passing by, but I really enjoyed my day there! A lot of people were telling me not to go as it was quite far away from Glasgow and Edinburgh, but the journey was totally worth it. As a fan of HP, I was extremely excited to be there!

Glenfinnan viaduct

Elephant house

The Elephant House in Edinburgh is known to be the “birthplace” of Harry Potter because it’s the café where JK Rowling wrote the very first book! Imagine all the people sitting close to her and watching her writing, without knowing that a few years later she would be super famous worldwide!

Elephant house

Balmoral Hotel

The last 2 books were written in this luxury hotel in the heart of Edinburgh. JK Rowling rented a room during a few months to write. No need to say that it’s SUPER expensive! She was paying almost 1000 pounds a night. Now, the room is called the JK Rowling suite and costs about 1500 pounds a night. Crazy!

Balmoral hotel

Victoria Street

Victoria Street is the most photographed street of Edinburgh and it’s one of the most beautiful too, with its cute colorful houses. It’s known to be the street where JK Rowling found the inspiration to create Diagon’s Alley.

Victoria Street

Victoria Street

Greyfiars Kirkyard

You think it’s weird to visit a cemetery? Well, this one is quite particular. Have a closer look and you will find the grave of a scottish poet named William Mc Gonagall. Sounds familiar, right? There is also the grave of a certain Tom Riddle!

George Heriot’s School

George Heriot’s is a prestigious school founded in 1628 in Edinburgh. The students were divided in 4 houses and could win or loose points during competitions. Sounds familiar too?

You will also find lots of shops in Scotland selling stuffs related to Harry Potter like books, magic wands, mugs, Marauder’s maps, candies and many more!

Harry Potter

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