Best things to see in Edinburgh

If you have never visited Edinburgh, you should put it in your travel wishlist NOW! Seriously, this is a city for everyone. You can do so many different stuffs there: visit museums, hike (in the city), shopping, discover the local culture… No matter what your interests are, you will probably love the Scottish capital. I prepared a summary of the best things to do in Edinburgh!

National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is very interesting and should please everyone because it covers different topics: Scottish history, animals, astrology, technology, science, fashion and many more. Plan some time to visit it. I stayed 2 hours and I didn’t have enough time.

National Museum

National Galleries

The National Galleries are divided into 3 museums: the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery of Modern Art. I visited only the first one and I liked it. Paintworks from famous artists are exhibited, such as Monet, Van Gogh, Pissaro and many more.


Calton Hill

To enjoy a beautiful view on the city, climb up to Calton Hill. It’s quite easy, there are only a few steps and the view is stunning! On the hill, you will see the National Monument, the Nelson Monument, the Burns Monument and the City Observatory. 

Calton Hill

Arthur’s Seat

This is the perfect place to escape the city life for a few hours. On the city itself, you can hike on Holyrood park and reach the hill called Arthur’s Seat. You will have a very nice view on Edinburgh!

Arthur's seat

Royal Mile

This street begins from the Edinburgh castle and ends at the Holyrood Palace. This is a very busy place where you will find lots of shops, souvenirs shops, pubs and restaurants.

Royal Mile

Victoria Street

Victoria Street is the most photographed street in Edinburgh and I understand why. With the colourful houses, it’s very cute! As I was there in November, some houses already put Christmas decorations and it was lovely!

Victoria Street

Circus Lane

After Victoria Street, this street is probably the loveliest of Edinburgh! It’s out of the city center so you need to walk a little bit to go there.

Circus Lane

Dean Village

Dean Village is a very quiet village in the middle of Edinburgh, far from the agitation of the city center. It’s peaceful and lovely, perfect for a nice walk under the sun (if you’re lucky – I was not!).

Dean Village

Harry Potter tour

For Harry Potter fans, Edinburgh is a perfect destination! Lots of things in the city are related to the saga. I’m going to write a specific article about it soon.

Harry Potter tour

Have you ever visited Edinburgh? Did you like it? Share your experience in comment!

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14 thoughts on “Best things to see in Edinburgh

  1. I’ve been to Edinburgh and I really loved this city! I love seeing your pictures because they make me think back to when I was there !
    Xoxo Annaleid


  2. I’ve never been to Edinburgh, but it is on my list. Thank you for this useful piece of information. I did not even imagine there was a Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh. Good to know, fun, even if I’m not the biggest fan. Thanks again!


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