My travel wishlist 2018

My travel wishlist gets bigger and bigger every year! A beautiful picture or a few words are enough to convince me… and bam, new bullet point on my wishlist!

The list is sooo long! In this article, I present the top 10 of my travel wishlist (for now – because it changes every year month).

Note : All the pictures in this article come from the website Pixabay

#1 Norway

A few years ago, Norway was not even on my wishlist. And now it’s on top! I learned a bit more about the country and I saw some gorgeous pictures. Oslo, Bergen, TromsØ, the fjords… a must-do in a lifetime!


#2 New York

Not original, you might think. But New York is on my wishlist since ever!

New York

#3 Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

I don’t like cold weather. I don’t like snow. So why Lapland? Because it looks soooo beautiful! And Rovaniemi is Santa Claus’ village! And who never dreamt to see a northern light?


#4 Florence

I love art + I love Italy = I will probably love Florence! After falling in love with Rome and Venice, I’m looking forward to visit Florence!


#5 Greece

4 years of learning greek mythology at school and hearing about all these historical cities : Athens, Delphi, Corinth, Sparta… now it’s time to see it for real!


#6 Scotland

I heard a lot of positive comments about Edinburgh and Glasgow, and the scottish landscapes look so amazing!


#7 Prague

This city seems so lovely and I only read good reviews about it!


#8 Verona

Verona is on my wishlist since I read Romeo & Juliet, my favorite play!


#9 Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a new country on my wishlist. A few pictures and articles convinced me that it’s a great country and that I definitely should visit it!

Costa Rica

#10 Sicily

My mother comes from Sicily and hence, I never visited the italian island. Now that I live in Malta, I’m very close and I hope to visit it soon!

SicilyLet’s see next year if I visited some of these places!


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