1 day in Gent

What is the most beautiful city in your country? For me, the answer is Gent. Gent is a city located in the Flemish part of Belgium, 30 minutes away from Brussels.

If you are planning to visit Brussels, you should definitely consider to spend a day a Gent!


I spent 6 months in this city for my Erasmus. Yes, I’m from Belgium and I did my Erasmus in Belgium. You may wonder why… Even if it’s a small country, Belgium has 3 official languages (French, Dutch and German). The main ones are French and Dutch. I wanted to improve my language skills in Dutch, that’s why I chose Gent.

In this article, I give you some ideas to spend 1 day in the beautiful Gent.

Korenmarkt and the cathedrals

Korenmarkt is the main square in Gent. It’s a beautiful area with cathedrals, restaurants, bars and shops. Have a drink in the square, visit the St Niklaas church and the impressive St Bavo’s cathedral, and get lost in the small beautiful streets of the city.


My favorite spot in Gent is the St Michiel bridge. I took so much pictures from there! This bridge offers a beautiful view on the main square, on the canal and on the old castle.

Go down and have a walk alongside the canal. On summer, people enjoy the sun at this place while drinking a fresh beer or eating a delicious Belgian waffle.


Gravensteen, the old castle

In the middle of this modern city, you will find an old and beautiful castle called “Gravensteen”. This castle belongs to Middle-Age (9th Century). It’s open to the visit, the ticket costs 8€.

This visit is a must-do in Gent. The castle is beautiful, the story behind is interesting and the view from the top of the castle is stunning!


Boat trip

The best ways to explore Gent are by foot and by boat. When you are tired of walking, jump on a boat, have a sit and relax while the guide is telling about the city’s story. You will see beautiful areas that you can’t reach by foot. The ticket costs approximatively 7€.


Eat and drink

Hungry after the visit? Or need a break? Choose between these nice places!

  • Rosario: Nutella milkshake, Oreo, Caramel… a paradise of sweet threats!
  • ‘t Galgenhuis: this is the smallest café in the town, very cute!
  • Ketchup: very good hamburgers and French Belgian fries!
  • Mayana: for chocolate lovers, this is heaven! Brownies, cookies, milkshakes, cakes, ALL with chocolate!
  • Jackie’s bagel bar: for bagels, obviously. They are tasty!
  • Julie’s house: for a coffee break with a good cupcake.

Mayana bar

Some other pictures of this beautiful city:






Don’t miss this great city if you are in Belgium, you will love it! This article presents my favorite places in the city. For more infos about other attraction points, have a look at this website.

Want to visit more cities in Belgium? Discover my top 5!

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1 day in Gent


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