10 cool things to do in Malta during summer

10 cool things to do in Malta during summer

You’re planning to go to Malta this summer? Good choice, you will love it! The sea, the sun, the amazing landscapes… You will have fun for sure! And for more fun, do at least one of these 10 cool things to do in Malta during summer!

10 cool things to do during summer in Malta

#1 Snorkeling – Diving

A must do when visiting Malta in summer is snorkeling or diving. I prefer the 1st option because I don’t feel very comfortable being too deep in the sea and breathing with an oxygen bottle. Snorkeling in the Mediterranean sea is amazing! The water is crystal blue and you will see a variety of colorful fishes. I recommend you to do it with Sea Shell Dive Center in Mellieha.

#2 Parasailing

Parasailing gives the sensation of flying above the sea! You can do that in many places in Malta: Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay, Sliema, Gozo and many more.


#3 Rent a villa in Gozo

Maltese who don’t go abroad during summer like to spend their holidays in Gozo. In fact, many of them have a holiday residence on the island. If you are in Malta only for a few days, you might not have the time to visit Gozo. But if you stay longer, don’t miss the opportunity to discover this beautiful island! You can stay in hotels, guest houses or book a nice villa with a swimming pool! If you share the rent with some friends, it’s not expensive. Find your accommodation at the best price on Booking!

#4 Chill on the rocks

To be honest, Maltese beaches are not super nice. If you imagine a long white-sand beach with barely no one, you’re wrong. Maltese beaches are small, over-crowded in summer and quite dirty. If you want to swim in the sea and enjoy the sun in a quiet place, you better avoid the beaches and lay down on the rocks. It’s not super confortable, but there will be less people. If you prefer the beach, then I advise you to go super early in the morning and to avoid beaches where there is a hotel close by.


#5 Boat parties

The boat parties are very popular in Malta during summer. Several companies are doing it: Lazy Pirates, Hangover, Xclusive… It’s a nice way to chill, enjoy the sun and party at the same time with you friends !

#6 Hike

Well, it’s not the best thing to do if it’s 40° outside, but if the weather is a bit cooler, you can go for a hike in Malta! Make sure to bring a hat and a lot of water! Discover the 10 best hikes to do on the island.


#7 Festivals

Festivals are cooler when it’s happening on an island! If you like music festivals, you should go to one in Malta! Check out the agenda for this summer.

#8 Chill at Seaview Mellieha

The Seaview is one of my favorite café in Malta. It’s the perfect place to chill in Mellieha during summer. They have lots of cocktails, mocktails, refreshing smoothies and 55 flavours of milkshakes! Moreover, the view is amazing and the staff is super friendly!


#9 Nightlife

Lots of tourists choose Malta for the nighlife. If you want big parties and clubs, you have to go to Paceville in San Julian. It’s an area full of clubs and pubs. I’m not a big fan of Paceville. The age majority is between 16 and 20 years and it’s full of drunk people. I prefer to go out in Valletta, in Cafe society or Bridge bar.

#10 Maltese festas

All summer long, Maltese people are partying during the “Maltese festas”. The festas are local and religious celebrations. Each city celebrates a patron and there is a festa for a few days. What shall you expect? Music, food, drinks, activities and fireworks!

Maltese festas

Enjoy your stay!


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